Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience to become a member?

No not at all, we have a wide range of skill levels in our association. From absolute beginners who have never played before to 10+ years experienced players. We have a coach that can learn you the basics all the way to advanced skills practices. 

How do I become a Member?

To become a proud member of HEEP you need both a HEEP membership and a UM SPORTS membership. You can register at the Sign Up! page.

What is the difference between HEEP and UM SPORTS badminton?

There is quite a lot of difference between HEEP and UM SPORTS training

How much does it cost to become a member?

A HEEP membership costs:

You’ll also need a UM Membership subscription (also check out: FAQ – How do I become a member?)

Can I borrow a racket and shuttles?

Yes it’s absolutely possible to borrow a racket from HEEP. So if you’re new to badminton, don’t have your equipment yet in Maastricht, or for some other reason don’t have a racket available you can borrow one of the HEEP rackets. We also offer plastic and feather shuttles to use during training. 

We do recommend that if you become a member that you will get your own racket. This is because we only have a limited supply of rackets, and next to that you will improve more quickly if you use the same racket. 

Does HEEP have a competition team?

Since 2019, HEEP has had a competition team that plays in a regional, recreational competition where teams who play badminton for fun, compete. Anyone who enjoys playing matches and is excited to gain some more experience is welcome to join the team! A team ideally consists of 3 girls and 3 guys. We play approximately twice a month, mostly on weekdays. And after we’ve exhausted ourselves on court, we like to sit back and enjoy a drink together with the opponents. It is a great opportunity to gain experience and play different opponents than your fellow HEEPers.

What kind of activities does HEEP organize?

During the academic year HEEP organizes several fun activities next to training. Some past activities to give you an idea about what HEEP is about; Nationsdinner, Movie night, Beer and Wine tasting, Pooling, Cantus, Scavengershunt, Christmas event and many more! The big plus is that we’ll offer you opportunities to get to know new people next to just practicing badminton on court. For HEEP it’s about creating memory’s that last a lifetime, on and off court. For more information about the activities check our Activities page of reach out to our head of activities (

Can I buy shuttles at HEEP?

Yes you can, please check out the Heep Services page about prices and our other services.

How many members does HEEP have?

HEEP has around 75 members at any given moment. This varies from semester to semester. The majority of our members are internationals, which offers a great opportunity to make your skills known world wide!

What is the Buffalo rule?

The Buffalo rule is a HEEP tradition which goes as follows: Whenever a person in company of 2 or more HEEP members during a HEEP event – this also includes casual drinks – drinks an alcoholic beverage with their dominant hand, and any other HEEP member calls them out on it, the person in question must down their drink. However, if the person calling out is wrong (if the person in question is, for example, left-handed), they have to down their drink. This is referred to as the “Buffalo rule”. If a person really does not want to down their drink, they are given grace.

I have another question...

Feel free to reach out to any of the board members on court or you can send an email to