Are you okay?

A simple question can lead to hard answers. We understand that times can be difficult for students. We also want to let you know that you are not alone! 

If something has happend to you, need somebody to talk to or just are feeling down, you can reach out to our confidential advisor Fleur or any representative of the board.


For phonenumber, check the Backcourt Report

Confidential Advisor - Fleur

Hi I’m Fleur and I’m in my second year of health sciences at Maastricht University. This is also my second year of being a Heep member. As the confidential advisor I want to create a safe space for anyone who has experienced something that is not okay. Whether this happened during training, at one of the activities or in private, know that you can always reach out to me. Talking about a bad experience can be very difficult and opening up can be scary but know that everything you discuss with me is one hundred percent confidential. Together we will look for the best solution and I will do anything in my power to help you as much as I can. You can always pluck me off the field during trainings or send me a text message, whatever you feel most comfortable with! 

Would you rather be more comfortable with reaching out to somebody outside of HEEP? We completely understand! To help you get the support you need UM has created this descision tree, see below.