HEEP Services

Feather Shuttles

HEEP sells feather shuttlecock's to members who are interested in having their own shuttles at practice. There are 12 shuttles per tube and the price for one tube is €17,50. If you're interested in getting one, please contact Bibi or any other board member. 

Trainer Jack's Racket Services

Our lovely coach Jack offers several services regarding racket maintenance. If you either need new strings or a new grip feel free to go to Jack during training on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. 

Restringing Racket


New Grip

€1,- or €1,25
Depending on the kind of grip and color

HEEP Clothes 

HEEP offers clothing to our members, of course in our lovely red color! For both the Training Shirts and the HEEP Hoody it is optional to put your name on the front. 

Training Shirt

HEEP Hoody